As Dope As They Come

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If you don’t remember the show “Uptown Comedy Club” you are sleeping. I swear to god, this show had the best rap performances ever. The show only lasted a year or two, but that was more then enough time to host some classic material.

This clip is indeed some classic material. Grand Puba lighting up the stage with some “360° What Goes Around”. Yo JR, how are you feeling about his get up?

Big thanks to Doug on the footage.

10 Responses to “As Dope As They Come”

  1. House Says:

    backpackers in full effect! thanks puba for showing up on stage 1/3 of the way through the clip!

  2. brandan Says:

    i remember this show.
    was flex on here and he was like dressed up like a dog, and his famous line was “let me hear ya bark!!”
    and then the audience was barking like a dog.
    if this was that show where that came from, then i remember this show clearly!!
    i remember RUN DMC & Pete Rock & CL performing “down with the king” on here.

    mad props for this vid!! they rockin mad polo gear!! i remember back in ‘92 i was in the 5th grade. didnt know much about Polo. i just wanted some Jordan & Starter gear. word up!

  3. Jaz Says:

    wow, that was dope, thanks for this, lmao at the Yo Puba where ya at…haa Grand Pu was probably just having one last pull of the blunt before he hit the stage.

  4. skinnyjoe Says:

    it’s been so long since i’ve seen this, i’d begun to think i’d dreamed the show up. i also remember pete rock and cl smooth performing t.r.o.y. that and this puba performance are burned into my memory.

    good looking out on this one!

  5. bozackula Says:

    uptown comedy club was my shit! i remember they’d have the dirty dozen battles at the end of the show, and i’d remember them shits and start snapping on kids mothers at lunchtime at school!

    i remember i told a white kid “your moms so bald, she needs extensions to have naps!” and he’s like “what do extensions have to do with taking naps?”

  6. JR Ewing Says:

    Poop, further ingraining his name as the 90’s style lord.

    I think that’s Jamar running a 91 polo hi tech heater, that we own in both colors, but obviously Pub steals the show, in a half zip pull over with matching cycling hat, extra daps for the matching crest turtleneck jawn peaking underneath and the 91 pegasus down below.

    “Bury me with the lo on.”


  7. Cognito Says:

    Yo! Good post here my manz. Tracy Morgan was fat & funny as a mutha on Uptown Comedy for real.

  8. Big Jacks Says:

    JR, that’s Alamo.

  9. JR Ewing Says:

    My bad, my eyes get blurry on anything pre 96 lo.


  10. Jed Delorian Dust Says:

    JR you mean your eyes get blurry on any POLO post-96!!! right??/ yo House what you mean backpacker in full affect,, get the fuck outta hear with that statement, if you was referring to company flow or some rawkus shit thats backpackers in full affect, but you talking about Brand Nubs and Puba like they backers or something,, you gettin it all twisted up !!! this is true hip hop in its pure form .

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