T.O. Thursday.

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Just because I see a lot of Toronto and Canadians in general posting in our comments section, i present to you a special live performance of the og female emcee herself, Michee Mee.  Michie repped our city and performed with KRS when he came to town, like a local BDP army reserve or something.  I believe Kaewonder came up on 2 copies of the record they mention on that Wiki within a couple months of each other. Crazy!

The video for this song is already so classic, but this live performance ft king lou on backups(kills it)is basically the ill alternate video now.  Big up to Sean for taping this back in the day and for the constant barrage of videos I’ve had the pleasure of throwing up on here lately.

Wait, is that Spade from Citizen Kane dancing with the ill overall fit?

I’m not going to mention Citizen Kane and not go in but that’s for the AMT to post. Plus, I don’t want to take any shine away from Michie who just murks this whole stage that was used for most Electric Circus performances.

For now, I just uploaded this dope  Mastermind mixtape track called “Scar-City Reprezentativz” from his “tape” 49.  Enjoy that and if this gets a lot of comments, expect more Toronto centric posts coming soon.

5 Responses to “T.O. Thursday.”

  1. Big Jacks Says:

    Torontians stop sleeping on this!

  2. E-Class (torontoismine.com) Says:

    This is vintage, man oh man Spade of Citizen Kane back up dancing. Man the good ol’ days late 80’s gotta love it. Then the early 90’s with the whole circle (Saukrates, Kardi, Choclair, Solitare, Marvel, Tara Chase, etc) movement, “CLACK CLACK RE-LOAD!” Ghetto Concept – Ez On The Motion, Down To Erf (Mathematik’s old click), man oh man the memories. Anyone remember D-Sisive (Canadian version of Eminem). Please post some more Toronto-centric ish, I appreciate it.
    One Luv.

  3. Tasha Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’m a Torontonian and this brought back SO many memories. I remember that Electric Circus set hahaha crazzzzzy footage. Michee fucking murderrrs it. I was born in the late 80’s but I can still remember all the Toronto rappers from circle…..pleaaase post more Toronto-ish. Good looking out.

  4. k.g. Says:

    people especially from t.o., who remembers when muchmusic would play “victory is callin”video in a packed schoolgym i think itwas?? crazzzy if any one has that post it pleaaaase, muchmusic has alot of achives gems that there not lettin off

  5. kornflake saymore Says:

    thank you for putting the history out there

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