We Re-Invented The Remix v1.1

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We’re back at it for 2009.  New username, new post but same theme as v1.0.  Kaewonder and Ace Six are collectively known as the Air Max Thuns, so from now on we will be posting under that username when we go in on a post like this.  We’ve decided that 13 is such a nice round number that we will use this for all of our posts involving audio and commentary, so this is our v1.1 of the best remixes ever.  Of course, there will always be omissions or songs that we forgot.  They’ll be in the upcoming versions, so please post up in the comments and let us know which songs you feel we excluded and why.  Without further adieu, here’s our second foray into the world of remixes.


1.Showbiz & AG-Silence of The Lambs (Remix)

“I wanna see your arms up even if you ain’t Sure”

As much as I love the Kid Capri intro on this joint, I had to cut it to keep it real for all the DJ ’s out there.
The loud, almost distracting horns get your attention and as soon as the chunky boom-bap hits, it keeps your head boppin to the psychotic groove.
Another huge part of this remix is the chorus,There’s something about those insane horns (not one but THREE separate horn samples) on this one.I think they suit Show’s raucous chorus  and to be honest I’m kinda tempted to say that I like this version more than the original.


2.Public Enemy-Shut ‘em Down (Pete Rock Remix)

“I like Nike but wait a minute/the neighbourhoods are poor so put some money in it”

A definite contender for best Pete Rock remix of all time.  From the initial “Hold it now”, you know this song means business with the repeating horns and crispy snares.  Pete totally changes the mood of a revolutionary anthem and turned it into a party anthem, not to mention a mixshow favourite for years to come.  I can remember hearing the Hold it now and opening 8 bars for a good 90 seconds before actually hearing the first verse because someone was just thrashing it with doubles.  The only possible questionmark is Pete’s signature extra verse that he throws in that doesn’t really add to the track at all, and Chuck D’s adlibs underneath his verse almost overpower his lax vocals.


3.Black Moon-I Gotcha Opin (Remix)

“Now we’re going back to ‘Who Got Da Props?’ when I blew up the spot last year on The Box”

One thing is for certain: this is on of the top ten smoke-out tracks EVER. Never mind the fact that from jump Buckshot is kicking some “woke up in the mornin hopped on the train I seen my man/with an L in his hand/hidin from the beast at least I’ll catch a buzz before I hit my block”. He paints a picture right from the beginning.
Whenever this would drop, as if on cue, there’d be clouds of potent boom smoke enveloping the dance floor. Mind you this was pre-smoking ban here in Toronto, so if you kept the ism on the low-low you could get away with smoking say, 3 blunts before anyone would really notice.
Oh yeah, the remix…This shit is tight and you’d be crazy if you didn’t think that we’d  not get to this one.
This joint was a really good example of the brothers Dewgardes ability to use a large (VEEEERRRRY large might I add) portion of a record, but not smother it by adding clunky or overbearing drums or cluttering it with too much stuff. They freak the Barry White- “Playing Your Game” joint to great effect all the while keeping it raw and simple.  They must’ve gotten KILLED on sample clearance with this one.

4.Brand Nubian-Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Diamond D Remix)

“dig it, the way I see it is one less man/is more cash in my hand”

Step up, step up and catch a bad one indeed!  Remixing an anthem like this must have come with some serious pressure.  Diamond opts to take the low road and loops up some horns on repeat and a nice low passed bassline to form the base for this early banger.  I can’t say it enough how much we love remixes with new vocal takes.  Both Sadat and Jamar totally flip their verses and we get the added bonus of a Diamond verse on this beat too.  This is when he was on his shit, and does not disappoint with the lyrics at all.  I actually feel like this verse is one of Lord Jamar’s best, he has the smoothest delivery of the hardest lyrics.  The outro to the track is dope too, where Diamond flips a different part of the horns and lets them breathe a bit.  I love to play the OG and then this back to back, cutting it after the 1st verse and just jumping into this version.  Never a bad look, in fact a “definite powermove”.

5.Diamond D and the Psychotic Neurotics-Sally got a One Track Mind (Showbiz Remix)

“Never been in love/always been an object/ pretty young thing growin up in the projects”

Just when you thought the utter obliteration of the Jack Bruce “Thing’s We like” LP was over with, Showbiz hits you in the head with yet another banger culled from the former Cream member’s solo album . Rumor has it, there was an old furniture store up on Prospect Ave in the Bronx  with a massive amount that Show used to hit and eventually he just said ‘fuck it’ and bought all the remaining records from the store, one of which being the now-infamous Jack Bruce LP.
This song might not get the same reaction from the crowd as the OG, but there’s something so dope about this track.
I highly doubt that my copy is an original (I’m actually willing to bet it isn’t) but for,like $5 at a record show I couldn’t say no.

6.Special Ed Freaky Flow (Dj Premier Remix)

“you can talk fast and flabbergast most/but i freak flows from coast to coast”

This is a dictionary definition of a remix, letter for letter and word for word.  Premo laces Ed with an absolutely retarded futuristic traffic jam on vinyl, and he opts to write brand new verses for it.  I don’t even know if the OG deserves to hold the same name as this given how much more raw this version is.  This is probably one of my favourite Premo beats of all time, since I really have no idea what the sounds are or what he freaked to make such a dope track.  His vocal samples in the Chorus are perfectly selected as well, but that comes as no surprise..but still freaking Brother J alongside his own artist, Jeru?  Dope.  I think the verse where Ed says he’s stuck in traffic and then a couple other lines about cars, headlights, etc is what always made me describe this beat as a traffic jam.  It’s a whole bunch of contained chaos, almost like playing Frogger in hip-hop form.  Not sure if that’s a bit too out there, but fuck it.  That is how I’ve always talked about this song and now I’m sharing that with everyone.


7.Shyheim-On & On (Premier Remix)

“brothers with the gats don’t be knowin’ how to act”

I’m really glad that this track got a remix, because the original beat with it’s soft-ass R&B cooing on the chorus was NOT cutting it, and it did Shyheim’s rugged child street tales no justice. Preem catches wreck on this shit, employing a Biz Markie loop on the chorus, an idea which would later be visited on the Extra P remix for Nas’ “The World Is Yours”.
With the expected (but nevertheless dope) Premo drum chop, a jazzy-sounding sample and some Jaco Pastorious steel pan ish that was later freaked by Dilla on the Jaylib-”Strip Club” track he comes off as the winner for the best version of this track hands down.


8.Raekwon ft Ghostface-Rainy Dayz (Remix)

“after noon, i’m blowing up your weak platoon/leave you helpless, screaming from all types of wounds”

Sorry Rae, I really am.  I know your name is on this track but after Ghost’s verse I completely forget that you rapped on this smooth-ass Rza beat.  I could barely pick a line because Ghost is spitting metal lungies all over this shit.  I mean, Rainy Dayz was one of my favourite songs on the album since I love anything that’s melancholy and filled with a lot of emotion.  Then this remix comes out of nowhere with a goofy singing chorus, and warm, soulful beat that just shatters the whole shit.  Wu barely even DID remixes, so this is even more special as a result.  Once again, entirely new lyrics to put a huge grin on my grill and some ill background adlibs between verses, and subtle singing just to tie in to the original version.  This song indeed is blowing like economics!


9.Fat Joe-The Shit Is Real(Dj Premier Remix)

“That was the way it was/one time I went to visit my aunt and stuck up my cuz”

Word ‘em up. The fuckin shit IS real. Joe comes equipped with the rough shit over a smoothed-out Ahmad Jamal sample(”the world is a ghetto”) and his chemistry with Premo shines through once again.  The above quotes may be one of my favorite ones from this track (and quite possibly in ALL of rap), and there’s alot to choose from. Can we pleeease hear a new Fat Joe/ Premo collabo before the year is through?

10.Lord Finesse ft Big L-Yes You May (Remix)

“i’m so def I need a hearing aid with an equalizer”

The first time I heard Big L rap.   Is that long enough for a write-up?  All bullshit aside, Big L tore this track a new one with punchline after punchline after punchline.  I had no idea where the fuck he came from, but going before Finesse and outshining him was a big deal at this point given Finesse’s propensity for clever rap lines at the time.  The more I listen to this track now without the blinders and with a little more perspective, I realize that Finesse rips it too, but I was always still dazed from the Big L verse and didn’t really catch it properly.  This is without question how you do a remix though, take a classic drum break and a rolling bassline and just throw non-stop lyrics over it.  I barely remember the original version but I could spit this song start to finish.


11. A Tribe Called Quest-Jazz (We’ve Got)(re-recording)

“I be the fly poet/ rappers they get jelly”

I’m gonna be perfectly honest here. I didn’t know that this remix even existed up until a few years ago when I found the 12′ at a local record shop. It’s funny for the simple fact that I had always wondered what Tribe song Beatnuts had sampled for “No equal” (I know, I know utterly shameful).
It’s a pretty stark contrast to the original track and as we’ve said before, that’s definitely a big component to an effective remix.
This is a go-to joint for me, and I get amped every time I hear it.
The thing I love about this remix is how raw Phife and Tip get on this track on some slaughtering mc’s shit. Tips verse is indeed rough, rough rugged and he proceeds to get down like a fly hookers panties on some Mountain drums and a jazzy loop.  Phife (no need for introductions, you know who he be) hits you with the roughneck rudeness, and the rest, as they say, is a dope remix.


12. Jamal Fades ‘em All (Pete Rock Remix)

“for those who don’t know about my flows/let me introduce/i’m anti-truce and pack a deuce deuce”

For me, this is one of those remixes that came as a total shock.  The original version has such a slumping, bass heavy def squad beat and Jamal rocks it so well, it didn’t really need a remix.  One of those songs where the OG version was good enough to stand the test of time on it’s own.  However, throw Pete Rock on the beat and Redman on the hook into the mix and suddenly things are looking very different.  Pete keeps the same slow bumping bass, but drops a jingle bell and eerie organs on top to take the song in a totally different direction.  When this shit dropped, it was in heavy rotation at freestyle sessions and it was not rare to hear dudes bogarting the whole track while everyone else in the cipher was salivating at a chance to bless Pete’s latest gem.  Reggie’s adlibs at the end are classic mid 90’s Redman, too.  He’s just buggin’ out in the booth singing and talking shit on some serious Dare Iz a Darkside bizness.


13. Rascalz-Really Livin’ (Remix)

“Emphatic causin static and havoc to evict tenants/ watch I’m swingin the big rapster bash for the pennant”

I’m not gonna front. The Rascalz-”Really Livin’” is one of my favorite rap records ever. Growing up in Vancity they were one of the few  crews that embodied all things hip-hop, whether it be Zebroc and Dedos breaking, Dedos CRUSHING pieces with the  rest of the AA cats, Kemo cutting it up at various clubs and on the radio and Red and Misfit coming correct with the raps.To  hear a completely remixed version of the title track was a surprise and a pleasure. Kemo comes off lovely on the remix, giving Red-1 and Misfit a tight, but slightly more relaxed beat than the OG.
Almost every time I play this joint out, there’s always someone that approaches me like “I didn’t know there was a remix for this!” and all I can do is smile.
I once talked to Red-1 about “Really Livin’” and he kinda glossed it over like he was kinda ashamed of it  or something and didn’t want to talk about it, but to me,its by far one of the tightest records in their catalog.

Don’t ever say we never hooked you up.  Here’s a zip file with all of the mp3’s from the post.

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  1. Cas Money Says:

    I’m speechless. Don’t stop!

  2. Tim L Says:

    This is the best damn blog I have ever read. You are a good man.

  3. fresh Says:

    Good looks! Any chance you have the instrumental for the Fades Em All remix? I’ve been looking for that for years, all I have is a beat up old cassingle of it.

  4. Air Max Thuns Says:

    we can rip it. send ace@themeaningofdope.com your email and we can sort it out.

  5. t.nickz Says:

    i tottally blown away by what yall doing…OMG!

    real hip hop in 09…

  6. Sibz Says:

    maaad props. one question though, if thats the premier remix of on and on, who produced this version and was it on the album?


  7. Max Says:

    thank you air max thuns

  8. be. • TheLegendsLeague • Says:

    I’m having a fuckin jam in my kitchen right now fellas. This post is a beast.

  9. m.dot Says:

    I feel like I just woke up and Sway and King Tech were still on KMEL and The SOURCE was still good.


    Yall cats on some boom bap perfection and I love it.

    This is one of the best uses of Web 2.0.

    Hands down. I am kinda nice with the 2.0, if I may say so.

    I want to interview you for Brooklynmagic. (www.brooklynmagic.com)

    Ad a share this button to your posts so we can dig/delicious and what not, k.

  10. Imran Khan Says:

    How can you forget these classic remixes?!

    Slick Rick- It’s a boy (Large Professor Remix)
    Nas- One :Love (Large Professor Remix)
    Fat Joe- Sh– is Real (DJ Premier Remix)
    Nas- It ain’t hard to tell (Large Professor Remix)
    Das EFX- Jussummen (Pete Rock Remix)
    Ras Kass- Soul on Ice (Diamond D Remix)
    Tha Alhaholiks- Daam (Buckwild Remix)
    Big L- MVP (Buckwild Remix)
    Kool G Rap feat Nas- Fast Life (Buckwild Remix)
    Organized Konfusion- Stress (Large Professor Remiz)
    Shabazz the Desciple- Crime Saga (Remix)

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