With The Puba Frenzy

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Ok, it’s time for me to Stan out for a minute.  Grand Puba was my fricking idol when this record came out, and not just because Reel to Reel is an amazing album with a great lead-off single.  His whole steez was just too tight. Here he is crushing a 1992 Polo jacket in Grape Jordan V colours matched up with a plaid visor(they were hot, eff your opinion) and the recently-reissued Air Revaderchi.  I remember my mom’s boyfriend at the time used to rock Girbaud jeans and I would gank his to wear out sometimes because I always saw Puba wearing them.  I basically based my whole style in the early 90’s off of what Grand Puba wore in videos or talked about on record, he was a definite style icon for the early 90’s.

Anyways, enjoy this proper performance of 360(What Goes Around) on In Living Color.  Tommy Davidson clearly likes Grand Puba more than he did Redman.

18 Responses to “With The Puba Frenzy”

  1. DISK Says:


  2. Thun Says:

    That Polo jacket is tooooooooo sick.

    Puba, Finesse, and Dres were three emcees completely on top of their respective games in 1992 who never saw the solo success they deserved.

  3. never-to-return Says:

    I forgot how ugly J-LO was back then

  4. Word Says:

    lol. He reminds me of Barney with all that purple, except… fresh.

  5. dee Says:

    yea that is j.lo …. lol…check the blog ..http://xxdeeblogsxx.blogspot.com/

  6. Brandan E. Says:

    Like i said before, Puba was the freshest nigga in the 90’s! He was the 1st rock Polo hard (not before Carlton on fresh prince tho), he was the 1st to rock Girbaud, he was the 1st to rock Tommy Hil, also he was one of the 1st rock ill Nike kicks that wasnt meant for Basketball but more like cross training and stuff like that.
    I got an ideal of what it was like to be fresh and make sure ur matching by lookin at Puba!
    After Puba then came Ghost & Rae, then BIG then Jay, and Nas. Then for the new generation it was Fabolous.

    But Puba was the standard man!!

  7. Queso Says:

    I’ve watched this like ten times now. I’m a Puba freak now.

  8. Staple Sounds Says:

    queer eye for the hip hop guy lol

  9. Mercilesz Says:

    I got that jacket in orange…still kill em in the spring wit it. Puba was NOT the first to rock POLO heavy. I repeat NOT!!!! Watch an old Big Daddy Kane video like lean on me where scrap was rocking the circle ski goose or Special Ed I got it made…those kids from brooklyn were killing it the Polo gooses…and thats the eighties. The early nineties belonged to one group and one group alone ZHIGGE. They were dancers from brooklyn and harlem and they were in the streets so they knew fashion. They got more Polo on in toss it up and rakin in the dough than Grand Puba ever owned in his life. Puba rocked TOMMY than saw what the kids were wearing and switched up his whole style. Shouts out to the ARTIFACTS…thats another group that rocked more lo than Puba in the nineties.

  10. Corduroy Johnson Says:

    What’s up guys. Regardless of who was the first to do it, Puba did it to death in my opinion. He was ultra ultra fresh and I was in high school then. I had a little polo, a little tommy, and a little nautica, and would always strive to get a shred of freshness that Puba clearly had on lock. Sigh….those were the days.

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