Blue Cheese Meets Fudge Pudge Pt.2

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Remember this?

Here is the Interview portion of the same segment. Prince Po and Pharoahe speak on what Organized is all about. Pharoahe basically breaks down exactly how I feel about Organized Konfusion, “give people somethin to listen to for more than a week”, their shit is timeless. I cant even count the amount of times I have had to rewind an OK track, just on some “what the f*ck!!???”

For real, will we ever hear anything like this again…?

5 Responses to “Blue Cheese Meets Fudge Pudge Pt.2”

  1. Vincent Says:

    This is real hip-hop. Imagine, we were judging artists based on rhyme skills back then.

  2. NYOIL Says:

    Wow.. yall are taking me so far back.. that i almost don’t even remember these moments.. I totally forgot about this.

  3. K-V Says:

    Dope clip! O.K. was the truth. I got a song on my upcoming producer album with the lyrical genious that is Prince Po. Pay attention when it drops, aight. One.

  4. Max Says:

    Props on putting on “Releasing Hypnotical Gases” there..that was always my favorite track on that selftitled LP..HOWEVER, Stress remains in my mind a top 5 album of all time..fuckin incredible and brainmelting, that one.

  5. Flipout Says:

    “I am one who is one with all things, thus the unorthodox I am” - Monch

    And how he HITS this line…

    “Your optics will not be able to detect the deadly hypnotical gases.” >>>> most rappers whole catalogs. Just that one line.

    Also, if you bug out long enough on that bubbling at the beginning it’s totally looped on beat.

    And that S.O.U.L. loop is disgusting.
    This might be one of the best songs ever created.
    This is the song you play for people when people say Hip Hop is simple and they ain’t saying nothing…

    This is prog rap… It’s like Rush or Yes in rock.

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