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Thats what I have been up to. I haven’t posted in a LOOOONNG time.

Here another rarity I dug out of my old tapes. It is Big Mike & Scarface talkin about the “new” Geto Boys when Big Mike joined up. Absent though, is Bushwick who always adds flavor to any piece of video he is in. The 2 guys goof around and give the low down on the what the low down is on why Mike was takin Willie D’s spot in the group. I also dropped in a picture of some swag I have, a funeral program promoting the “Til Death Do Us Part”.

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4 Responses to “Slackin…..”

  1. DrewTek Says:

    Listening to “Til Death Do Us Part” as I type this. Nice to see albums like this still getting love. Respect!

  2. geighty9 Says:

    back when rappers were real

  3. no wack rappers Says:

    Back in the days used to be real.

    Back before you could sit at home in your undies and google your favorite lil’ wayne song … before wack dudes like lil’ wayne even exsisted…
    … there used to be some effort required.
    There used to be heart and soul in the game.
    Now ya’ll done snorted it all.
    Now ring tone rappers dominate the money side of things.

    what happened to hip hop?
    focus shifted from the ‘erb to the coke.

  4. k.a. Says:

    the Geto Boyz probably had the most violent lyrics in rap history.

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