The Dopeness of Sports : I’ll Posterize You Like Jordan

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I am here to try to talk sense into all the younger NBA fans out there. Kobe? Pahhhlease. LeBron? Hhahaha. The guy in this video is the G.O.A.T. There’s no denying that sports goes hand in hand with hip hop and rap music. We would like to hear from everyone if you would like to see vintage sports highlight clips on this site. Please post your feedback as it is crucial to this decision.

13 Responses to “The Dopeness of Sports : I’ll Posterize You Like Jordan”

  1. house Says:


  2. Nightfall Says:

    That would be ill.
    Old school Shawn Kemp or Robert Pack. Knicks vs. Bulls highlights.

  3. nobody Says:

    only a little bit if u got to

  4. Mikey McFly Says:

    Jordan is the alpha and omega… there i said it

  5. BJack Says:

    I’m just putting this out in the Universe…A Few ‘Grand-Ma-Ma’ commercials would be nice….

  6. House Says:


  7. Reverend Slappy Says:

    more sports!

  8. kwame49 Says:

    all Michael Jeffery Jordan highlights,clips, commercials would be just the trick

  9. hostilel7 Says:

    Got the NY Knicks when they were on Yo! Raps (in uniform)?

  10. Mack12 Says:

    Please make this happen!!!

  11. Mercilesz Says:

    Sorry but Magic is GOAT…look at his stats. He could play all 5 positions. He played center as a Rookie in the NBA finals and dropped 42. Jordan couldnt do that.

  12. Tai. Says:

    Lol. So you post vintage footage of Jordan and then ask how do people feel about having more sports stuff posted? That’s almost not fair.
    I ain’t mad though. Vintage Barkley and I’m good. Ooh! And Shaq for sure!

  13. Dave Says:

    i agree with you about LeBron but obe is doing pretty damn well, i saw a little clip the other day he’s even starting to do the fade away like MJ, he’s got a complete game. i don’t stay up on basketball really anymore but i do know that Kobe is doing nicely.

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