Live Hardcore Worldwide

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KRS-One is well regarded as having the illest live shows. Taking it from Jack of Spades to My Philosophy wrapping this clip up with I’m Still #1. For all you new jacks out there, you do realize that The Blastmaster was married to that thing floating around sharing the spotlight on stage with him right? Extra kudos for the sound system that allows Kris to be audible & also for there not being 27 guys on stage each one with a mic.

6 Responses to “Live Hardcore Worldwide”

  1. Gotty™ Says:

    One of my favorite albums of all-time. Somewhere along the line, it should be required listening. Between it and BAMN, there’s all the reasons why KRS is important…regardless of the crap he talks these days.

  2. jdid Says:

    wasnt this the first live hip hop album?

    I liked Ms Melodie, she had some mic skills lol

  3. Vincent Says:

    The first and BEST live hip-hop album ever!

  4. geighty9 Says:

    you got anything from 3xdope

  5. geighty9 Says:

    there should be a hip hop rule book or bible

  6. DJ 4th Wurld Says:

    This is definitely a true representation of how it used to be. I must say though, I am highly disturbed by the statement labeling Ms Melodie as “that thing.” She was a sista who definitely kept Hip Hop unadulterated and to belittle a true skooler like herself is just unacceptable. Would you rather KRS-One have Lil Kim rapping on stage with him?

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