The Dopeness of Sports : Wilt Chamberlain

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In the 80’s the Lakers and the Celtics were the 2 premier NBA teams, with one or the other winning 8 of the 10 championships in that decade. In the 1985 series, The LA Lakers won and here at half time of game 5, Wilt Chamberlain stops by at halftime to give Brent Musburger his take on the state of the NBA, his career, Kareem’s performance and his 6′ 8″ grandma. I tell you what if he would have just put a shirt on instead of wearing a muscle shirt, he could have been a half decent announcer. Bold, opinionated and brutally honest, Wilt calls it like he sees it.

2 Responses to “The Dopeness of Sports : Wilt Chamberlain”

  1. Pistache Clothing Says:

    cool vid…….
    his grandma sounds scary!

  2. Peter Agoston Says:

    lovin the sport joints, keep em comin

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