Music Video Vault : Willie D “You Still Black”

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Willie D…..the guy is one of a kind that is for sure. No one would ever confuse him for the greatest rapper alive, but dammit if he didn’t keep coming with solo records. I always felt that his best calling was as part of the Geto Boys, being in a group. I could always feel Willie’s uncomfortableness with Prince J’s decision to put him with Face and Bushwick. He did come to Rap-A-Lot as a solo artist after all. His verses were never philosophical, but rather to the point. D never messed with subtlety, he was more in your face. Check out this ode to the those who forgot who they really are.

3 Responses to “Music Video Vault : Willie D “You Still Black””

  1. er4se Says:

    we cant be stopped will go down as one of the greatest gangsta rap albums of all time… willie can always be proud of that shit

  2. cenzi Says:

    Willie D is mos def top 5 for me.

  3. proactol Says:


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