Dogg Visits the Dawg Part 1

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We already dropped all 3 performances from Snoop’s second appearance on Arsenio here, here and here. The two are really getting down on EVERY topic. Church choirs, 213, moms and being a role model. Arsenio gets Calvin to give up all the 411, back in 1993 everyone was clambering to know more about this up and coming superstar. Look how hype the crowd gets for this performance. The Chronic and Doggystyle were a hell of a 1,2 punch with Dre’s sound changing the game forever. Look for a mini interview/cameo from Dre from this episode in later posts following part 2 of this interview.

4 Responses to “Dogg Visits the Dawg Part 1”

  1. MF Says:

    Hey, House - Cube didn’t ever appear on Arsenio, right?

    Glad you’re back, btw.

  2. house Says:

    I don’t think he ever appeared on the show due to his well known feelings for Hall. I am pretty sure he never appeared with NWA either. But I am not 100% though…..thanks for the props MF

  3. MF Says:

    No probs.

    Yeah, NWA appeared twice as far as know : once during the performance of We’re All In The Same Gang and once where Eazy was wearing the straightjacket and hockey mask during the interview before they did 100 Miles & Runnin’.

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