‘94 We’re Here and ‘95 We’re Gone.

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Rap City used to be pretty live!  Are there even live performances on it these days?

The things that I like about this video are as follows:

1. They filmed it at night. A lot of the best Rap City performances were in the afternoon before shows, but this performance has a different, darker vibe.   The video for this song was mostly daytime shots too, but they do have a night shot that makes a couple quick edits in the video.  I like the way it sets off the Attic beat, just fits the mood.

2. The crew is always in the shot. This was an early Much staple and I always wonder if they enjoyed the music or even felt comfortable being in the middle of an impromptu rap video?  It’s a great contrast either way.

3. Infinite! He wasn’t in the group for that long but he clearly had a big role in this particular performance. He just jumps off the tables and grabs the mic to kick his verse with youthful energy. What’s up with a reunion fellas? Attic still has beats!  I did like the Infinite song on the newest Rich Kidd mixtape so he’s still circulating. Where are Quadro and Dolo?

4. Their camouflage kits. They are wearing similar joints in the video, you know that wasn’t a stylist getting their outfits. That was some Yonge St military surplus for sure and they were keeping that look consistent.

I hope that the recent energy and attention towards the music scene in Toronto helps motivate the elder statesmen like Ghetto Concept to leak out some new tunes, even old music we never heard. We have videos and audio for days, but there’s probably so many songs that never saw the light of day. Hit us up. Toronto, stand up!

2 Responses to “‘94 We’re Here and ‘95 We’re Gone.”

  1. Nes Says:

    love this track! good to see you guys back in effect

  2. LiBM Says:

    GC definitely ripped it back in the day

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